Divine Love Yields Divine Guidance

The British physicist and mathematician Isaac Newton (1642-1726) is credited with discovering the laws of gravity. When asked about how he discovered these laws he said two things, “scientific discovery is the offspring of silence and unbroken meditation” and “by thinking about it continuously.”

More than 300 years ago, Sir Newton demonstrated Divine Ideas. These Divine Ideas are generated by Divine Mind and are available to anyone. All one needs to do are 1) believe Divine Ideas exist, and 2) be willing to express them when they come to mind.

By clearing our minds in meditation, placing our faith in God, and asking a question, we get Divine Guidance. Even when we do not have a question, placing our focus on Divine Love yields Guidance in lifting our lives to a higher consciousness.

So, take your mind off the challenges of the world, and practice the presence.

Live Fully, Love Lavishly, and Be All You Can Be:


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