Weekly wisdom from our minister, Rev. Bob Uhlar.


We once read that the Christian Faith can be summed up in one word—nevertheless. As in, “Nevertheless; not my will, but thy will be done.” We often have our list of “preferences.” We think, “This is what I want, when I want it, and how I want it to be.”…

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Change Begins at Home

What will it take for the world to be changed for the better? Maybe we’re asking the wrong question. What will it take for your world to be better? Maybe we’ve focused on global transformation rather than on individual transformation. You may not know how to change the world. But…

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There Is No Evil

In the Unity classic book Lessons in Truth, the author, H. Emilie Cady offers a troublesome concept, “There is no evil.” I’ve heard new Unity Truth students object! “Just look at the violence, child abuse, mass shootings, etc.” Some in Unity will say that good can come from any situation.…

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The Way to Peace

This has been a year of disagreements and conflict, most notably in Ukraine. Once again, we see leaders attempting to dominate and crush those who disagree. They do this because it has worked in the past, but not for long. The way to resolution and peace is for these leaders…

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Advocate for Your Inner Child

I have admitted that I am a “recovering perfectionist.” And I have noticed that many people are hard on themselves. We probably share the experience of being raised by a parent or authority figure that criticized us. We may have emerged from our childhood feeling like we were imperfect or…

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