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Unity of the Hill Country? So, who are these guys?
Unity is: A Positive Path for Spiritual Living! ®

Comment: I’m spiritual; not religious.
Response: We are too!

Comment: I’ve had bad experiences with other churches.
Response: We’ve had bad experiences, too. That is why we are a pleasant spiritual center.

Comment: Evangelical Christians are hypocrites!
Response: We agree. Many of them are. We are not Evangelicals. We are a positive, practical, progressive, spiritual community.

Comment: I am concerned that I won’t fit in.
Response: Or you might find a group of like-minded people and a place to belong!

Comment: My beliefs may be different than yours.
Response: That’s fine. We provide a spiritual toolbox. No “compelling clauses.” You decide what spiritual tools you will use.

Comment: I’m not feeling fulfilled.
Response: Life is not easy. But we have tools to handle it.

We don’t have all the answers. But let’s seek the answers together.

Unity Centers are inclusive and open-minded

• We encourage personal initiative and growth.
• We are spiritual, holistic, and intuitive.
• We are a group of like-minded people and a place to belong!

We teach tools for inner peace and peace of mind

• Acceptance in a community of like-minded people
• A stronger connection to God
• Meditation and Mindfulness

Unity provides practical teachings to help people live healthy, prosperous, and meaningful lives

We believe that prayer works.

• We help people discover and live their spiritual purpose and potential.
• We help people have a stronger connection to God every day.
• Our spiritual centers have inspiring ministers
• We are involved in spiritual social action (and social activities).

Unity provides a positive alternative to negative religious experiences.

• We provide a philosophy that is spiritual, not religious.
• We are love-based, not fear-based.
• We honor all paths to God.
• We believe in making a positive difference in the world.
• We believe in being a positive example and role model.
• We share a modern “Integral Christianity.”

What do people say that they experience at Unity of the Hill Country?

• Empowered
• Peace of mind
• Accepted
• Loved
• Grateful
• Inspired
• Connected to others
• Connected to God

Please check us out. UnityHillCountry.org
Facebook: Unity of the Hill Country
1016 Jefferson St.; Kerrville, TX 78028-4628

Sunday lesson, music, and meditation at 11 a.m.

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