Alternatives  by: William Fischer

Christian Healing  by: Charles Fillmore 
Discover the Power Within You  by: Eric Butterworth 

Lessons In Truth  by: Emilie Cady 

Let There Be Light  by: Elizabeth Sand Turner 

Mysteries of Genesis  by: Charles Fillmore 
Teach Us to Pray  by: Charles & Cora Fillmore 
The Quest – Adventures on the Quest (A Journal) by: Richard & Mary-Alice Jafolla 
The Story of Unity by: James Dillet Freeman 

The Unity Way by: Marcus Bach 

Twelve Powers of Man  by: Charles Fillmore 

Sacred Secrets  by: Various Unity Authors 

Sermon on the Mount by: Emmet Fox 

Unity: A Quest for Truth by: Eric Butterworth 
Your Hope of Glory by: Elizabeth Sand Turner 

Open Your Mind to Prosperity by: Catherine Ponder 

Healing Secrets of the Ages by: Catherine Ponder 


The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary by: Charles Fillmore Available at our Bookstore  (Gives metaphysical interpretation of Bible people, places and things)
The Revealing Word by: Charles Fillmore Available at our Bookstore
  (Gives metaphysical interpretation to words and concepts of everyday life)
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