Who finds a home in Unity?

  • We who seek a fuller, richer, more loving understanding of a spiritual path based on the teachings and example set through the life of Jesus.
  • We who may have spiritual wounds created by a closed or judgmental approach previously experienced.
  • We who have glimpsed in ourselves judgments we hold of others and are seeking ways to release judgments.
  • We who long for a place to explore new ways of healing and being all we are created to be.
  • We who hold a vision of a spiritual home where we can all abide in peace.We are a group of spiritual beings having a human experience, building a world that works for all. We find a home in Unity, when we are willing to:

                   – Lay aside our previous theories and beliefs for a while in order to explore and                                                           experience various paths to God. (put new wine into old wineskins. Luke 5:37)

                    – Repent (change, turn about, recognize there is another way, give up our yes buts) and                                           become like  little children (trusting, loving, forgiving). Matthew 18:3

                    – “Know that God’s Divine destiny for His creation is accomplished through the                                                            interweaving of human lives.”

“In answer to the question “What is Unity?” we might say here that Unity is an open door to self-discovery for those who are curious, who want to know more of the meaning of the world around and within them. Unity is a pathway to understanding for those who cannot accept final answers and precast spirituality, who feel the urge of curiosity, and who are willing to brave the scorn and ridicule of the passing throng, like Zacchaeus, who climbed a tree to get a look at Jesus passing by. Some people may say of you as they probably said of Zacchaeus, that you are way out on a limb in your spiritual seeking, but he saw the Christ and gained a wonderful awakening. So will you. Fortunately, as time goes on, more and more people are becoming open-minded about paths of self-discovery like Unity. “Unity: A Quest for Truth” (1995)

Unity’s Basic Beliefs:

  • God is absolute good, everywhere present.
  • Human beings have a spark of divinity, the Christ Spirit within.
  • The goodness of God is inherent in everyone.
  • We all create our experiences by the activity of our thinking and feeling.
  • Everything in the manifest realm has its beginning in thought.
  • Prayer is creative thinking that heightens our connection to God-Mind bringing forth wisdom, healing, prosperity, and everything good.
  • Knowing and understanding the laws of life, also called Truth, are not enough. A person must also live the Truth that he or she knows.
  • The positive, practical teachings of Jesus Christ show us the laws of life and how to live them.

Questions and Answers:

Is Unity a Christian Church?

Unity follows the teachings of Jesus Christ and honors the inherent truths found in many other religions. We are a denominational church,  whose ministers are ordained by the Unity Institute of Religious Studies located at Unity Village, Missouri. Although Unity is sometimes confused with other denominations, such as Unitarian or The Unification Church, there is no connection.
What Does Unity Believe about Jesus Christ?

Unity proclaims the divinity of Jesus and goes even further by proclaiming that every person is a child of God and therefore divine in nature. We believe that a person’s mind is his or her connecting link with God or Divine Mind. Therefore, much emphasis is placed on the power that every thought, feeling, work or act has in affecting our lives. As Jesus with Bible revealed spiritual truths, we also welcome people of all races, colors, religions, social backgrounds and economic levels with dignity and love.

How does Unity use the Bible?

Unity seeks to relate religion to daily needs, affirming that for every need there is God’s perfect answer. We place a strong emphasis on the healing power of prayer and meditation. Our primary textbook is the Bible, which we understand both literally and metaphysically, in order to relate lessons to everyday experiences, making them relevant. We explore spiritual truths by combining teachings of the Bible and various relevant concepts.

What Does Unity Believe about us?

We believe that we are spiritual beings, seeking to awaken to the truth that will set us free. We emphasize the divine potential in each one of us and through the practical understanding and application of Jesus teachings, we can realize and express our potential for a richer and fuller life.

Unity believes in eternal life and views the present moment as part of that life.
Unity views worship as service through uplifting and glorifying Divine spirit in humanity, in joyous celebration. We’re not so concerned about a “future life” as we are in teaching people to live more fully in the present.

We are proud of our ministry, which emphasizes a positive approach to the teachings of Christianity. We would be honored to serve you and to support your spiritual needs as a child of God.